Star Business Group

Star Business Group participates in a growing set of sectors including Trading, Import-export, Manufacturing, Transit Services, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Real Estate & other Investments in the private sector.

From its inception, Star Business Group has been Striving to Create a powerful business ecosystem where by the partners stakeholders and the overall private sector flourish. Investing in untapped business opportunities based on insights and well thought vision and strategies by the owners.

  • Growing
  • Profitable
  • Successful
Sector of Business
  • Growing
  • Profitable
  • Successful

Sector of Business

Star business group involves in multiple business sectors spanning all of Ethiopia, committed to service excellence and supply of quality products to its customers

Trading, Import & export

The main items which are imported include construction materials, food items like edible oil, soap etc. export item include oil seeds such as sesame and Niger seed.

clearing & forwarding

In this respect Dolphin Transits & Shipping S.C. has gained a lot of experience handling large amount of cargoes both within the country and at the port of Djibouti in an efficient and effective manner which makes it a reliable partner for its customers.

Hotels & Resorts

The hotel and resort whose structural work already done is designed to accommodate about 300 different types of hotel rooms. SBG has signed a management contract with Wyndham Hotel Group.


SBG is constructing steel industry comprising of Fly Sheering Factory, Coil to Coil Galvanizing Plant and Tube Mill Plant.

Other investments

The company’s goal is to continue to strengthen investment in banking, insurance, manufacturing and hospitality sectors.

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